Every once in a while, we find ourselves in a situation that makes us just want to lazy around, you are in that mood of just getting laid back and relaxing for the day, at times it may even be the after effects of the previous night’s long events and you just don’t feel like getting out and about, however the reality is that this cannot be possible due to the fact that it is not your day off and you actually have to get work or end up facing disciplinary consequences or even being served with a warning. Then it hits you, if you could be able to get your doctor to play along and write down a fake note stating that you are in fact unwell and in position to be of any use at work.

This does in most cases than not work out well, obviously due to the reason that a doctor is a professional and a note from him to your employer cannot be doubted. It is however not that easy to get that doctor’s excuse for work. This is because most doctors will blatantly tell you that it is unethical for them to lie especially for your own selfish reasons. In such a situation, one has to be creative and think fast.

When the situation is critical


There may be situations that are actually serious and very critical. If the situation is that you are actually unwell or really bound by an honest situation that has hindered you from availing yourself to work, then it may be better to just try and honestly open up and explain the situation to your superior. This however may not be advisable whereby one knows his or her reasons are invalid or simply down right stupid, as it may lead to more severe consequences.

When you do realize that you are already in a mess and there is no way you can talk yourself out of it, then you have no option but to find a way of getting that doctor’s excuse for work.

It may be a crucial situation, e.g. whereby an employee had been given a final warning over his or her unexcused absenteeism and for one reason or the other it just so happens by fate that you find yourself unable to get to work without a valid reason, then in this case it is more than necessary to acquire that very important note from the doctor excusing you from work. Even though it may be a lie, the end justifies the means; it is your career on the line.

When the situation is Non-critical

Whereby one needs a doctor’s excuse for work for reasons that may not have severe consequences, one may opt to just stay out of work for the day and come up with a logical lie to present the next day hoping that nothing serious will come of it. However, just to be safe, one may still need the doctor’s note or actually could buy one.